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Flood! October 21, 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Arthur Knight Hammer   
Monday, 26 April 2010 00:00


~ FLOOD! October 21,2016! ~

Here I am in a story posted by some college journalists!  I open the show!  Hooray! LOL!

~ Thanks for the great turnout on the 28th! ~

A forecast of 3/4 to 1 inch of rain turned into a catastrophe today for Bearidise when a blocked storm sewer caused major flooding of the mansion.  The basement is at least a foot deeper in water than the pictures below show ... I know it isn't 2 feet deeper or the internet modem would have failed by now!  We'll just have to start digging out tomorrow.  Duke and I spent a couple of hours saving computers and tools but it got to be too much, and as the water was approaching electrical equipment we gave up and headed upstairs.  The local authorities started pumping water our of our development, hopefully some of the basement equipment will survive.  The furnace is underwater and the outdoor pool pump was also under water.  This may be the end of the Lexus, not sure yet ... picture below.

Update Oct 26! The basement is in good enough order to be open this weekend!  Got the indoor pool pump cleaned, dried out, and put back in service ... hydrotherapy will not be available until the next event.  Furnace man will be here 10AM Oct 27th and will have the furnace and hot water back on-line! I have dismantled most of the interior of the Lexus and am working on the engine now ... may have to take off the intake manifold in order to fix the starter but at that point it may be ready to reassemble and use ... that would be nice *;O)  PLEASE JOIN US THIS WEEKEND!  Could use the support.

Update Nov 7: The Lexus started on Saturday after two weeks of engine work!  Vroom!  I'm removing the rest of the car's interior so the floor carpet can be removed, then aggressive cleaning and electrical connections restorations with contact cleaner and dielectric grease, then on the the re-assembly of a hopefully working car!

Update Dec 17: The Lexus is stable at this point and ensconced in snow and ice! LOL!  I did finally get the car seats out of the Lexus, got the carpet out, cleaned these items thoroughly, dried them out, and just about have the driver's seat reassembled after testing the motors successfully.  I disassembled and cleaned every electrical connector that I could get to readily in the passenger compartment, and reassembled them.  At that point the car would not start, but I think it is a relatively easy fix as the main relay to turn on all accessories and allow for motor ignition is not clicking ... so I think either the relay is bad at this point, or some safety circuit needs attention ... just have not had the time to focus on it.  The basement is stable but the ruined electrical equipment has to be inventoried for casualty losses, etc ... there is no insurance coverage for anything related to the flood but I can claim a significant loss on my taxes.



Arthur Knight Hammer
King of the Bears


Last Updated on Saturday, 17 December 2016 16:33